For the Enthusiast

You have always wanted a performance EV motorcycle. The pros definitely outweigh the cons and you know it. You just never knew if it exists. When you see a new EV, you just don’t feel the connection. You see a lot of numbers, a lot of gimmicks, but they just don’t feel like something you would sell your petrol motorcycle for. You want a motorcycle with which you can connect. Give a nickname. Talk to, as if it can hear you.

We are building that motorcycle right now. 


Romin Antony Thomas

Masters in Automobile and Transportation Design

Politecnio Di Milano, Milan, Italy

Creative Designer

General Motors  Advanced Studio Melbourne, Australia

Motorcycle Designer

Engines Engineering s.r.l Bologna, Italy

The design choice of a motorcycle tells a lot about the rider in you. A design that ignites a spark of elegance, power and performance is what you always desire. A design that you are proud to consider a part of you.

We believe that the design of EV does not need not proclaim itself an EV. We at Zitto consider our product as a motorcycle first and foremost; something which just happens to be an EV. We aspire this motorcycle to be classy, minimalist and something that is capable of withstanding the test of time.

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