Established in 2020

The enthusiasts. You are a different breed of motorcycle users. You know what you want, you understand the emotions and the joy of being a rider. You can’t be impressed with some numbers. You won’t be impressed with gimmicks or a features list. A motorcycle for you is a thing of sentiment, the scraping foot pegs, the wind in your face, the relentless wish to perfect the next corner. You live your life apex to apex. Learning and trusting your motorcycle more and more as you continue on that long journey.

It’s hard to create motorcycles for the enthusiasts. Building a great motorcycle for a true enthusiast therefore demands focus on delivering the right dynamics, performance and beauty. Simply because you do not compromise. You always want an element beyond top speed, acceleration and efficiency. An element that forms the core of your fraternity. Emotion. And you look for this emotion in the design, performance and usability of our vehicles.

More than an EV manufacturer, we are trying to become a compelling motorcycle manufacturer, irrespective of the energy that drives our vehicles. Spending hours perfecting that one machined aluminium part just so that we don’t let down the enthusiast. Getting the right geometry so that your every thought gets translated to the road. Making these wonderous machines of fine craftsmanship is our aim, saving the planet, well that just happens to be a bonus.


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